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Sunday Indoor Volleyball Clinics

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To register for our Indoor Sunday Clinics at The Village of Wellington click the button below but have in mind that if it is your first time you will have to go in-person to the rec center to register:  

(Desktop: Scroll down to Sports Youth and Click on "Sunday Volleyball Clinics"

Mobile: Click on "Sports and Activities" then scroll down to "sports Youth")

Get great coaching with a competitive group of athletes that are looking to progress together with our Indoor Sunday Clinics!

What a better way to improve your skills with a group of friends that are looking for the same thing. 

Indoor Sunday Clinics Features:

  • Knowledgeably Coaching
  • Amazing Facilities
  • 3 Times a Week Sessions
  • Covers all skills

Things you need to bring to register in-person:

  • Birth certificate of your child
  • Two proof of residency (you don't have to live in Wellington)
  • Payment method (cash, Visa, Mastercard, etc)